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Meridian Drainage Therapy

Meridians are like rivers; they carry the flow of energy (Qi), just like a river carries the flow of water through a particular path to various destinations.

These meridian pathways function in just about the same way as the circulatory system by circulating energy, nutrients and blood through the body.

Combining Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


During a meridian massage, several accupressure points on the body are massaged with different hand techniqes such as deep tissue massage in combination with essential oils and cupping. These techniques target the tissue underneath the skin to stimulate the release of tention to cause a state of relaxation throughout the body. 

At the same time, nerves at this pressure points are also being stimulated, thereby activating a series of networks along the meridian. This activation is what then carries the effect of the massage of one end of the body to anothe providing the desired healing effect.



Benefits of the Meridian Drainage Therapy

  • Release of hormones

  • better cardiovascular health

  • A surge of energy and renewed strentgh

  • Increase in immunity

  • Soothing of body pain

  • Mental wellness

  • Healthier functioning organs

Single session with four meridians

In a short consultation, we will decide which four meridians to address.

Duration: 90 minutes 

Investment: 140 €

Three sessions with all twelve meridians

This is ideal for addressing all twelve meridians. Four meridians will be worked on in each session.

Duration: 90 minutes each session

Investment: 400 €

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