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Our Services


This is the process working with me:


Holistic consultation


This is the foundation of my therapy concept and important to be able to get an accurate picture of your health history, lifestyle, eating habits, emotional and physical state. This way, I can get to the root cause of your symptoms, instead of just superficially treating the symptom. After all, we are all unique and there is no “one cure that fits all”.


In the consultation, we will already talk about what measures you can implement to be able to get your health back into balance. Some physical exams and testing might be done as well.


Duration: 60- 90 minutes 

Costs: 160€


Innovative lab-testing


Depending on what we discussed during the holistic consultation, there is an option to get laboratory testing done. This can look like: 

  • Hormone saliva test to check your hormonal status and stress levels,

  • Stool test to see how your intestinal health is,

  • Blood work to check how your micronutrient status is,

just to name a few.


I work with the most innovative and established laboratories in Germany and this can be very helpful to create an individualized therapy plan for you. 


The costs vary, depending on the kind of testing is done.


In either case, with or without the lab-testing, a therapy plan will follow.


The therapy plan contains diet and lifestyle advice, as well as botanicals, such as medicinal tea blend, supplements, etc.

Therapy Offerings

To assist you during your therapy protocol and support the healing process, I offer the following therapies:

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