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Hi, I am Janine Alonzo!


Like many people who choose a holistic approach to their health, I struggled with chronic issues, such as acne, mood swings and high blood pressure. 

Conventional medicine couldn't give the answers of why I developed these conditions. Moving to San Francisco, California in my early twenties, I got exposed to so called "alternative" medicine and started to take health into my own hands.


It was extremely empowering to experience how good I felt by changing the way I ate, thought and felt! I got immersed in the field of functional medicine, which combines ancient healing methods, such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda and modern techniques such as infusion therapy, lab work and orthomolecular medicine.

I became a licensed holistic healer, so called "Heilpraktiker" after moving to Berlin. This is where my passion for western herbalism got sparked! Using the healing power of native plants, bringing us back to nature and incorporating this with my clinical background in lab testing and nutrition is a powerful combination for bringing our bodies back into balance.


I opened my own therapy place in Berlin, Mitte. My intention was to create a calm, beautiful place, where you can rejuvenate and relax from the busyness of the city. I started lecturing at Winkels Akademie Berlin and regularly give seminars and herbal walks throughout the year.

- Janine Alonzo, Founder of Loom

Janine Alonzo
Founder of Loom


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