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LOOM health Heilpraktikerin Janine Alonzo


Ancient Herbalism
Meets Modern Science

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Let's get started on your health journey!


I am a licensed holistic practitioner focused on: 

Irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal restorations, Crohn's disease, Collitis U
lcerosa, SIBO, Leaky gut


Chronic Fatigue / Long COVID / Fatigue Syndrome / Burnout

Menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, absence of menstruation, PCOS, and Menopausal symptoms

Liver detoxification protocols, fasting programs, parasite and toxin elimination.

I combine modern methods of medicine, such as laboratory diagnostics and vitamin infusion therapy with traditional modalities, such as herbal medicine and meridian drainage therapy.

For me, the holistic approach is in the foreground. In addition to the physical complaints, I also take into account the current life situation and the mental state of the patient. 

After a detailed initial consultation, there is the option of innovative diagnostics to determine your individual nutritional needs, hormone balance, intestinal health and thus possible causes of your complaints to get to the root cause of your symptoms. A therapy plan will follow, which will be discussed with you and adapted to your life.



The process working with me starts with a holistic consultation. 

It is important to be able to get an accurate picture of your health history, lifestyle, eating habits, emotional and physical state. In this way, I can get to the root cause, instead of just superficially treating the symptoms.

Based on the first holistic consultation, some additional lab testing might be needed. In either case, with or without the lab-testing, a therapy plan will follow. 

I also provide various therapy offerings to assist you during your therapy protocol and support the healing process.

Shelves on top of which there are jars filled with medicial teas and dried herbs.


Janine helped me with my nutrition and gut health like no one else before, since I’ve been struggling with several chronic issues. She figured out my mineral deficiencies with hair mineral analysis and then carefully analyzed the results, planned my supplementation protocol and gave useful nutritional tips. I also received several infusions that always improved my energy levels and boosted my mood. I really recommend sessions with Janine if you want to get your gut health in order and feel well taken care of! Thank you Janine!

Ola Kohut, Reiki Practitioner

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